How to achieve high quality sleep for your child?

 When your first child is born you are looking for the best you can offer them. You do your research, you forget about the prices, you are looking for the BEST.

 But what is the best? The most popular? The well-known? Sometimes, but unfortunately, more often than not, the well-known big names are producing for profit and don’t always have the ``best for your child`` in mind.

 When my child was born, I understood the importance of sleep. It’s the most basic need of an infant, besides love and food. Sleeping takes up most of the infant’s day while your sleep is slowly fading away. But yet still, it is extremely important. So we count the hours, we make sure we sleep 8h every night, all while forgetting that there is more to it than time - there is quality of sleep.

 Your goal is high quality sleep and not necessarily quantity of sleep. Sleep experts have learned that each of us may need a different time of sleep, but we all need high quality sleep. Infants, children and adults, no exceptions.

 So where do you start? You ensure a great sleep routine; you take a warm shower, you read a book, drink a calming herbal tea blend and you lay down in your bed. You love your soft cozy covers, pillows - you inhale a deep breath and just enjoy every second of it. But that breath, that deep breath can be a breath of calm or breath of inflammation.

 What is your mattress made of? What hidden lies lie in your beautiful bedding? There is a lot of truth to uncover.

 As most people will choose the best for their children and themselves, they will look for natural and breathable materials like cotton. However, the demand for cotton has created a problem, where our beds are infested with pesticides and toxic dyes. Leaving us, with our 8 h sleep, to inhale them deeply, while trying to rest.

 Besides the health hazards like allergies and inflammation, there are many other reasons to look for better options. While growing the cotton for your beautiful bedding, the farmer inhales countless breathes of pesticides, damaging his lungs, polluting the nearby water sources and often facing financial crises due to the seed and pesticide expenses.

 The damage to the soil is no less great. In a few years’ time, the soil is depleted and nothing can grow any more. The vicious cycle has begun.

 But storms are not forever. And in farming, organic cotton is the rainbow after midday rain offering us age old techniques of farming, pest control and soil rotation. Free of harmful chemicals, free of water pollution and full of softness and deep sleep, organic cotton offers us a soft, breathable fabric to wrap ourselves up, while sleeping with no health hazards present.

 No longer does your organic cotton bedding have to be plain, basic white or beige colour. By choosing GOTS certified Organic Cotton you will ensure your bedding does not contain toxic dyes while still enjoying colourful covers to rest in. So next time you are considering the best for yourself or your child, consider using organically grown products. This way you will support your and your family’s health while also keeping the farmer and our beautiful planet in mind.

 To your health.


Front natural dyes picture by Dan Brady.


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