The Truth Behind Your Bedding

 As humans, most of us spend a third of our lives in bed. That is why most parents will look for natural, breathable materials when hunting for good children`s bedding and sleep wear. Cotton is the natural choice, but unknowingly, parents are jeopardizing their children`s health, due to the heavy usage of toxic pesticides in conventional cotton. The pesticides used in conventional cotton production can lead to allergies, sleep disturbances and various health hazards to the consumer. Furthermore, the unnatural practices endanger the health of the farmer, the quality of the water supply and the ecosystem as a whole.

But the solution is out there and it is simple.

Organic Cotton vs Conventional Cotton.

 Cotton is the most popular fabric all over the world. With fast fashion, and customers’ ongoing demand, cotton growers look for alternative ways of cotton farming and often turn to artificial means to achieve their goal – “Let`s have it quick and lots of it”.

 By using GMO seeds (Genetically Modified Organisms), spraying them heavily and picking the cotton mechanically we might speed up the process, but we might lose more than we have bargained for. GMO seeds are expensive, and put a heavy burden on the farmer, often resulting in poor financial outcomes and even poorer health. Thousand-year-old traditions of collecting seeds by hand and sowing them the next year are slowly lost. And with these traditions, so is the softness and quality of the fabric.

 Conventional cotton growers do not follow the age-old rules of soil rotation. Instead the cotton is grown on the same soil year after year, leading to depletion of minerals, and higher water demands. The compromised plant immune systems result in poor crop defenses thus more pesticide will be required for insect control. And a new, devastating cycle is created.

 The cotton produced conventionally contains a heavy chemical load and has a direct effect on our health

 Organic Cotton is grown from handpicked seeds using traditional farming methods, like soil rotation and natural manure, to avoid depletion of minerals and to ensure water retention, leading to healthier crops and ecosystems.

 Healthy crops can fight off pests more efficiently, thus no pesticides and harmful chemicals are used in organic farming.

 Rivers and different water sources are kept free from pesticides, the toxic spray is not contaminating the lungs of the farmer and those of the customer. The soil is kept rich with minerals and fertile for the next year.

 By handpicking the cotton the farmer can preserve the purity and quality of the fiber thus Organic Cotton is softer and more durable.  Safe for your children`s skin, safe for the planet.

 Nature`s way will always be the best way – for the soil, for the farmer and for the consumer.

 By choosing to buy organic cotton, grown by using old traditions and farming methods, we collectively help farming communities and the environment.

 By following the simple truth that nature has offered us for thousands of years, we can pick the fruit of health once again.

 Being fair to the soil and fair to the farmer, is the human way. Let`s start today, let`s choose organic cotton.

And let`s do it Fairtrade.



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