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We believe change is possible. And we believe it starts here.

By choosing OceanBluu you support transparency, sustainability and love for the other, with our OneGivesOne project. 

Choose today for better tomorrow. 

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for every product you choose, one is given to a child in need!

A year ago, we arrived to India to build a transparent fair chain of production for OceanBluu. While walking in the streets of Kolkata we saw first-hand the poverty, struggles and challenges of the homeless children in the streets. ⠀
At that moment we decided that FAIR wages to our farmers and factory workers are not enough! We wanted to help any way we can! ⠀
We started talking to the local charity organisations and offered to donate blankets and some clothing to the orphan homes… they were grateful but the excitement was not the one we had expected. It turns out, they had quite a few second-hand items offered to them often… “Do you make underwear?” asked one of the charity organisation workers… she continued “Nobody ever passes down under wear and our teenage girls experience monthly shame and struggles when they can’t cover themselves properly, especially in the menstrual days” … we realised, it’s not a very popular second-hand item, and the struggle and shame was real. They were in real need for proper under wear. ⠀
At that same moment we decided to challenge ourselves and develop a project OneGivesOne that will support the children around the world with the loving support of our customers.⠀

At the moment there are (estimated) 20 million orphans in India alone. We have set a goal for ourselves to provide each and every child with the one of the most basic needs- UNDER WEAR!!! ⠀
We cannot do it alone! We are so grateful and honoured to have loyal, loving customers who love OceanBluu products and support our OneGivesOne Project! You are the real heroes! ⠀
Show support today by Sharing our story, images and shopping OceanBluu products. ⠀

Forever grateful ⠀
Cynthia and Roi ,founders & OceanBluu Team 🐋


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