Why Fair Trade Matters

Making Better Sheets By Building a Better Company

 At OceanBluu, Fair Trade isn’t just a label we stick on our products. Treating everyone fairly—from the farmers who hand pick our cotton to the factory workers who lovingly stitch our products —is the foundation of who we are and why we’re different. How it all began?


It Started With a Quest to Find Children's Bedding 

When we were looking to purchase a new duvet set for our daughter we searched for information about the quality and origin of in-store duvet sets. In our search we discovered that the bedding and sheet industry lacked transparency about their products and had many issues unsolved. 

Time to Change

 As more horror stories started to appear in media about farmer suffering, factories collapsing and killing and injuring thousands, a change had to come. We decided  to make our products radically differently.  


Our Journey to Fair Trade

OceanBluu was founded with a goal to make the supply chain fair and transparent. We discovered the Chetna tribe in India that grows organic, non-genetically modified cotton, doesn't use harmful pesticides and lives harmoniously with the nature. They grow their cotton sustainably using the abundant rainwater of the area as their only source of water thus eliminating the unsustainable practice of irrigation.  All OceanBluu products use eco-friendly dyes to avoid the harsh chemicals.

In addition, OceanBluu supports thousands of factory workers, farmers, and their families in India, paying them above a living wage and supplying them with medical benefits.  No child labor, and no discrimination based on gender, age, or religion is present in OceanBluu production chain. All OceanBluu products are Fair Trade and  Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.


What Your Fair Trade Purchase Means 

Can you really make a change?

Yes, you CAN! When you buy OceanBluu products, you’re not just getting the best bedding and sleep wear for your child. You are doing so much more. As we track our production chain very closely we are able to tell you exactly where the materials came from, what goes into making each product, and that the working conditions for the people who made it are fair and safe. For each of our items sold, a premium is given to the workers to invest back in their communities for social development projects. This is the true meaning of Ethical and Fair Trade.


Why Stop There?

Because OceanBluu believes in true change, we are offering our customers to be REAL activists and take real action when shopping. With our OneGivesOne project your shopping counts. Every time you shop with OceanBluu, you are changing lives of children in need, by providing them with essential items like under wear, pyjamas and blankets for good night`s sleep they deserve. Shopping responsibly is the only way to shop.

Now you know why your shopping changes lives.

You are a true activist for a better way of doing things, better way of buying and a better way of sleeping!