Why we chose Chetna?

Organic agriculture is a holistic way of farming: besides production of goods of high quality, an important aim is the conservation of the natural resources fertile soil, clean water and rich biodiversity. The art of organic farming is to make the best use of ecological principles and processes.

CHETNA’S -Vision

 Smallholder rural households from rainfed (and ecologically depressed regions)enjoy enhanced living standards

CHETNA’S- Mission

Promote ‘Agro Ecological Agriculture’ based on the three principles of sustainability (social, environment and economic) for livelihoods enhancement 

Chetna Organic is working with small and marginal farmers towards improving their livelihood options and making farming a sustainable and profitable occupation. Chetna works with farmers from the rainfed regions of Maharashtra, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh covering around 43,500 acres. Chetna’s strength has been collective action and fair supply chain.

Principles of Organic Farming

What Chetna means when they say - ORGANIC?

Shifting in cropping patterns from food to cash crops like Soya and Cotton has made rain-fed agriculture input intensive. Especially, small and marginal farmers have witnessed a spurt in their working capital requirement due to dependence on external inputs such as hybrid, genetically engineered seeds chemical fertilizers and pesticides which, apart from featuring potential health hazards (prominently for women and girls) have also escalated their credit needs. Lack of a corresponding growth of the rural banking sector, however has forced farmers to depend on the exploits of non-institutional credit sources. The inevitable result of such a foray have clearly resulted in mounting debts, increased outlays on health costs and also adversely affecting soil health / fertility and ecology at large.

Healthier and more secure than before, farmers in Chetna organic project a promising picture of their future in complete harmony with nature.

Farmers have chosen to stand on a common pedestal of Environment…Ethics…Equilibrium!

Chetna Organic believes in delivering clear benefits and creating positive impact in the lives and livelihoods of the smallholder farmers

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